Lovin’ the Google Art Project

Just to suggest you the new project by Google: The Art project (http://www.googleartproject.com/)

I think that it is an interesting opportunity for future visitors of museums who want to have a sneek peek of what they will see in person but also a great way to make the most important and famous museums of the world available to everybody no matter the distances.

But now the question is: how museums could “use” this tool for their purposes? How could they take profit from this project?

So far, it is like a big interactive tour around museums rooms with the chance to zoom on a specific piece of art, but I think that it could be an useful instrument also for smaller museums that would like to advertise themselves and to make people aware of the quality of their collection!

In fact, I believe that this initiative could be even more important for those museums that don’t have enough money for big ad campaigns or for stunning interactive websites but that believe in their collection and activities and would like to make them available to the widest public.

I hope that this project could have a long joyful life and become bigger and bigger.


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